The danger of criminal offenses for the company’s business

Criminal offenses represent serious security, legal, reputational, and ultimately financial risk for companies' operations.

Occasional and professional criminals, clients, competitors, business partners, malicious employees, but also responsible persons can cause serious consequences for companies through various harmful actions. A significant part of such actions also has the characteristics of the most serious violations of the law, i.e. criminal acts.

Although we have competent state bodies that are in charge of suppressing, investigating, and prosecuting criminal offenses, companies should still have mechanisms that will help the competent authorities in the detection and prevention of criminal offenses.

The first step in the fight against these harmful and punishable behaviors is for competent employees and responsible persons of the company to be aware of which behaviors are prohibited and punishable, that is, to be able to recognize the legal features of criminal acts.

If we look at the Criminal Code, we see that a large number of criminal offenses can be committed in the business environment. Certain criminal acts are “reserved” for specific activities of companies, while a significant part of them can be committed in most companies.

At this point, we will single out only some specific criminal acts.

The group of very widespread criminal offenses that are committed in the business environment includes the so-called fraudulent criminal offenses. The perpetrators of these crimes abuse the trust of the damaged companies, often causing them significant damage.

The second, extremely significant group of criminal offenses in the business environment includes the so-called corrupt criminal acts. Here, individual employees and responsible persons of the company take advantage of their position in the company to obtain illegal property benefits.

Likewise, taking into account the fact that information, computer data, and systems represent the exceptional value of companies, it is important to precisely know the characteristics of the so-called computer crimes and crimes related to the illegal acquisition and disclosure of confidential business information.

And finally, apart from the fact that detecting and reporting criminal offenses in the business environment is in the business interest of the company, it is also their legal obligation. In this way, the special preventive and general preventive effect of criminal law is realized, but also the capacities of state bodies responsible for criminal prosecution and crime prevention are strengthened.