Some important activities

Some of the important education and projects related to the public powers of nature conservationists in the Republic of Croatia and abroad, in which the experts we cooperate with and realized by the company participated:

  • Annual seminar of nature guardians, online 15.-17.9.2020. – presentation on the topic “What are the educations that nature conservationists want to attend?” – the results of the conducted research on the needs and interests of nature conservationists for education”
  • In the period from 2015, more than 25 seminars, workshops, and webinars were held for nature guards from protected areas of the Republic of Croatia in misdemeanor law, criminal law, administrative law, criminology, the field of marine fisheries regulations, workshops in misdemeanor law with consideration of court practice (all seminars and workshops were evaluated with an excellent rating. For each of the educations, a brochure was compiled for the needs of the seminar/workshop/webinar).
  • A draft of the Rulebook on the manner of work and behavior of the chief nature conservationist and nature conservationist for the needs of the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection was prepared, in May 2015.
  • Prepared preparatory analysis and research for the purpose of drafting the Rulebook on the way of work and behavior of the chief nature guardian and natural guardian, 2015.
  • A one-day nature conservation workshop was held for the purpose of preparing the text of the Rulebook on the manner of work and behavior of the chief nature conservationist and nature conservationist, organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature, on June 8, 2014.
  • As part of WWF’s project activity—Expert gathering of representatives of rangers and inspectors related to nature/environment protection in the Republic of Serbia, Mokra Gora Nature Park, 14-16. In December 2014, a 3-day workshop was held on the topic “Analysis of the situation and assessment of the needs of the ranger service in the Republic of Serbia”, with an introductory lecture on the security aspects of ranger work and the role of criminal methodology in the function of nature protection.
  • Held lecture at the annual seminar of nature guards, Papuk Nature Park, 25 and 26 September 2014, presentation on “Criminal methodology in the function of nature protection”