Nature protection

Nature protection is mainly based on an effective monitoring system. The basis of such systems are high-quality legal regulations, trained and motivated park rangers and inspectors, and elaborated, clear and simple procedures. Our company’s experts have unique knowledge and experience that can be used by public institutions, regional and local self-government units, and state bodies in improving the monitoring system.

Among them, we highlight the professional training of park rangers, nature protection inspectors, and environmental protection inspectors in the field of:

  • application of misdemeanor and criminal law legislation in the function of nature and environmental protection
  • criminalistic methodology in detecting, clarifying, and proving punishable actions to the detriment of nature and the environment
  • planning, preparation, and implementation of preventive activities and programs for the protection of nature and the environment
  • basic education of park rangers.

In addition to the aforementioned professional development, we also deal with consulting on the way of drafting and implementing regulations for individual protected areas and their harmonization with legal and by-laws, drafting standard operating procedures for the performance of monitoring in protected areas, and for the application of public powers by park rangers, as well as drafting security analyzes and security assessments for individual parts or for the entire protected area.